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After researching on CCF organization, I have some recommendations that they should consider to use so that they can raise public awareness for their organization and how the public can help. To raise public awareness quickly, we have to search for the website that has the most number of visits every day. That is, FaceBook. FaceBook is a social networking site that has more than 500 million users. Business companies have also used FaceBook for advertisement.

FaceBook itself has also shown reasons in why organizations can use it to advertise their products. They provided options for the organization to choose their targeted audiences. FaceBook has this feature which is the “Like” Button. When more users click onto the “Like” Button, the ad’s influence will increase, and it will appear on both the person that liked the page, and also on their top news. It can be shown in the example below.

Once the “Like” Button is pressed, it will be shown in the person’s profile. This is shown below.

Hence, this will be shown to friends of the person who likes the organization. This will spread the information about the existence of this organization and more people may gain interest in it.

Furthermore, events can be made through FaceBook accounts and therefore, when CCF has a new event made, people will be informed through the recent news tab.



Workload Breakdown !

1) Identify 2 of your favourite ACM exhibits of which the content is presented in the most creative way to enhance users interaction and overall experience.


  • Congo River: Arts of Central Africa

This is a special exhibition that is held in the museum. It is about the arts of Central Africa, which consist of mainly mask drawings and tattoos. Upon entering the exhibition, the room’s lighting is quite dim and you will be greeted by a few masks. This provides a very mysterious, yet interesting atmosphere for the visitor. Television screens can be found throughout the entire exhibition. These screens provide images of central African people and their cultures. Also, they explain the arts by using images instead of large amount of words. Lastly, before leaving the exhibition, there is a table provided for children to make their own mask by using facial designed stamps. This enhance users interaction and allowing the children to learn as well as having fun at the same time.

Television screen showing images of Central Africa.

Self portrait made by me.

  • Singapore River Gallery

In this exhibition, short information are found everywhere beside the exhibit itself. The exhibits are placed with a background to show how are they like in the past. For example, the boat below is commonly found in Singapore in the past. The background of the boat is a large photograph of the Singapore River in the past. The visitor could touch and analyse the boat closely and also being able to see it being used in reality in the background.


2) Briefly describe at least 2 New Media Tools/Technologies the museum had used for public communication & education at the various exhibits?

Virtual Guides

Throughout the entire museum, virtual guides can be found. They are touch screen guides that shows a person explaining to you about the particular exhibition. The visitor would feel that someone is somehow there to explain to them in person throughout the museum.

Interactive Tables

In the Congo River: Arts of Central Africa exhibition, there is a large table that is interactive. By using the large blocks and placing them onto the speech bubbles that asks the user to place a block there, the table displays a moving image to explain more about the exhibition. This is a very advanced technology used and it shows how new media technologies has actually aided us, even in the museum.


3) To make 1-2 recommendations (using new media tools) to improve the way the current content is being presented to the public. (can include ACM’s website too).

For the overall museum experience, I feel that the museum should provides arrows on the floor for the visitors to follow. This is because the museum is quite big and has quite a lot of exhibitions, it will  result in some of the visitors to miss out on some of the exhibitions due to the complicating navigations. Furthermore, in the Congo River exhibition, although the dim room creates a sense of mystery, the information are difficult to be seen. A lighted background of the information may be installed and whenever the viewer comes close to the information board, it lights up automatically for the visitor to read it.



Literature Review

The Digital Newspaper: Hands-On with 4 Top iPad Apps

Modern technologies have pushed media so quickly that the older ones are on the verge of extinction. Letters to e-mails, books to e-books, and newspapers to digital news. In the article, “The Digital Newspaper” from (, it explains how consumers are looking for a more digital side in reading the news. This article will be focusing on iPad, which allows viewing of digital papers from applications downloaded online. I’ve chosen this article because it shows that how modern society has become more digital even in just reading the news. Also, it has provided evidences of what are the new media trends that the modern society has.

The article provides images of the applications, allowing me to trust some of the issues that are being pointed out. The newspaper applications observed in the article are, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today for iPad, and The New York Times – Editor’s Choice. This article is written by only the editor; therefore it may bias as some users may prefer other applications than the editor’s choice. However, the article has provided both of the applications’ advantages and disadvantages. There are many key-points found inside the article that tells us how consumers prefer to have more digital ways in news reading. The main three key findings are:

  • Free Application Download
  • User Interface Importance
  • Information Sharing

Free Application Download

Out of the three applications mentioned, all three of them provide free application download for all iPad users. However, the mentioned newspaper applications require a cost in order to access to all the content. From “Read Write Web” (, it showed that Apple did a very clever move by allowing free applications to be downloaded in Apps store and distributing them for free. Many application developers, like these newspaper application developers, learned from Apple by distributing applications for free. This allows the users to try their applications before subscribing for full content at a one-time payment. Also, the users will continue passing on the information to their friends and hence, having more downloads for these applications. Furthermore, the developers will charge the applications at a price and earn at the same time for their work. With free application downloads, information is actually passed on so quickly through the users, which increased the speed of how news is spread throughout the world.

User Interface Importance

These four applications each have their own interesting and useful user interface. However, in the conclusion of the article, it is mentioned that many of the consumers are not looking for an impressive design of the application, but a standard online publication of news. All these four applications have excellent navigation within the content of the day’s news using categories such as Sports, World, Technology, Business and Life.

The Wall Street Journal has a central navigation page that allows the user to choose which category the user wants to read for the day’s news. This perhaps shown, how new media have improved our lives by making things more organized for us. Furthermore, this application allows the user to save the news page to allow quick reference or offline reading. This explained that with the aid of new media, we are able to be more efficient in doing things with its memory storage. In addition, WSJ has a very special feature of having the “Now” category that displays news that has just happened rather than having an entire day of yesterday’s news. This provides information about new media being able to give a more up to date information at the exact time when the user is checks for it.

The USA Today for iPad application has four main sections: News and Headlines, Money, Sports and Life. They are only four main sections because it provides easy navigation for the user so that the user will not be in confusion which category is the type of news that he or she wants to read. Also, there are photo galleries for the user if they are looking for more visuals than words in a newspaper application. Lastly, similar to WSJ, this application provides automatic updates for offline readings. This helps the user to be in contact with the digital news even if there are no wireless connections.

The excellent design of Financial Times iPad Edition’s navigation made it a popular choice among the users. It provides different sections for the user to choose, and also allowing them to select their most interested sections to appear first in the navigation menu. Lastly, Financial Times iPad Edition has video that gives more visuals in their application. They provided suggested links at the end of each article that the user is previewing. This showed that new media has become more clever and smart by understanding the user through their actions. Financial Times iPad Edition is more suitable and targeted at business users.

The final application is The New York Times. It has a decent navigation page but it has a simple and straight forward content. It has an icon based navigation bar that allows the user to change sections by just a touch at the bar. Despite its simple navigations, it has a great variety of videos of news for the user to view if they prefer a more visual method of reading the news. Many people in the modern society are switching to more visual ways to know about things rather than reading. This is because the new media provides more videos such as the news on television, and people now prefer watching to reading as watching gives them a visual image to understand faster and clearer.

Information Sharing

Social Networking sites are an online community area for internet users that have the common interest and events. Many people use it to socialize and share information with each other through the forms of links and videos. In these applications, all of them have one key common factor that is noticed in the new media that is they provide options to allow sharing of the information that they have read onto social media sites such as Facebook.

From websites such as YouTube, people are able to share videos to social networking sites such as Twitter and MySpace. The news application included this because of the new media trend that is occurring as most of the people are connected to each other through social networking sites. Even on websites, articles can be shared to each other.

This also shows how social networking sites have been a media trend in our society. They have been so popular that even companies use social networking sites to advertise on their products and also promoting themselves to the people.


From the above article, I have found that, people are looking more into applications to aid them in their lives. They don’t mind spending much on application if they are in need of them. Applications have also been a changed focus by companies like the newspaper applications. The news paper application companies are focusing on improving their application more that the newspaper itself. As new media is more organized, most internet phone users would prefer reading news of their phone than from the papers as it is convenient to bring around and also removed. The strengths of creating application instead of producing newspapers is that it helps to save the environment as nearly 4 billion trees are being cut down for paper every single year ( This prevents mass logging for papers used in the industries to print newspapers.

Secondly, another new media trend that has impacted our society is the User Interface of the newspapers. Although it is just a navigation page, but people prefer well designed and organized applications that are user friendly. This shows that the new media has actually impacted us by keeping information more organized and storing them for us virtually.

Thirdly, social networking sites are big on the new media trends of modern society. They help people connect to each other through their sites, and also sharing information and videos to their friends. People are able to have common topics and discussion held on the website. This makes the entire world more compact as everyone is able to communicate with each other regardless of the distance.

Though going through new media has impacted us positively, there are still some negative impacts of the digital newspaper. Many people do no have devices such as a iPad to read newspapers digitally and some others still prefer to read from newspapers as it is still a much cheaper option.

Digital newspapers have dominated the media so quickly that it may perhaps take a few more years before newspapers are gone.


Literature Review (NMT)

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New Media Terms!

New Media Terms (Week 2)

Hello! Currently in the lab doing the task for Week 2! We are required to research and create a coloured visual depiction. A visual depiction is  a visual representation, an example would be a tag cloud. We are to write down a list of keywords about New Media terms and create a tag cloud of it at DONE! ^^


Mobile Phones, Communication, Digital Computer, Television, Interaction, Entertainment, Satellite, Emails, Magazine, Thumb-drive, Camera, Online News, Internet, Telecommunication, Network Communication, Blogosphere, Microcasting, Vlog, Widget, Podcast, RSS, Feed, Buzz Marketing, Blogroll, Blog, Back Channel, Convergence, Social Networking, NewsGlobe , Mashup, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, iTunes, Social Sharing, Bitmap, Broadcast, Ethernet, FTP, iMac, IP, Java, JPEG, Macromedia, Multicast, MSN, Outsourcing, Avatar, Proxy Server, Email Signature, Smiley, Streaming Media, Spoofing, URL, Virus.

Tag Cloud for New Media

About Myself


Hello! I’m Kevin, currently studying in Temasek Polytechnic, Interactive Media Informatics. I chose this course with the dream of game designer or 3D animator.I’m still quite unsure of my dream job though, but I’m interested in drawing cartoon and game characters, seeing them coming to life through the computer. I like playing computer games, cycling and swimming. I’m really afraid of spiders especially those freaking HAIRY ONES.  I’m lazy, but I am able to endure through tired and tough times(I THINK). I strongly believe that I should not wish for a easier life, but becoming a stronger person instead.

Hello! This is my second lesson of New Media and Trends ! 😀