After researching on CCF organization, I have some recommendations that they should consider to use so that they can raise public awareness for their organization and how the public can help. To raise public awareness quickly, we have to search for the website that has the most number of visits every day. That is, FaceBook. FaceBook is a social networking site that has more than 500 million users. Business companies have also used FaceBook for advertisement.

FaceBook itself has also shown reasons in why organizations can use it to advertise their products. They provided options for the organization to choose their targeted audiences. FaceBook has this feature which is the “Like” Button. When more users click onto the “Like” Button, the ad’s influence will increase, and it will appear on both the person that liked the page, and also on their top news. It can be shown in the example below.

Once the “Like” Button is pressed, it will be shown in the person’s profile. This is shown below.

Hence, this will be shown to friends of the person who likes the organization. This will spread the information about the existence of this organization and more people may gain interest in it.

Furthermore, events can be made through FaceBook accounts and therefore, when CCF has a new event made, people will be informed through the recent news tab.