1) Identify 2 of your favourite ACM exhibits of which the content is presented in the most creative way to enhance users interaction and overall experience.


  • Congo River: Arts of Central Africa

This is a special exhibition that is held in the museum. It is about the arts of Central Africa, which consist of mainly mask drawings and tattoos. Upon entering the exhibition, the room’s lighting is quite dim and you will be greeted by a few masks. This provides a very mysterious, yet interesting atmosphere for the visitor. Television screens can be found throughout the entire exhibition. These screens provide images of central African people and their cultures. Also, they explain the arts by using images instead of large amount of words. Lastly, before leaving the exhibition, there is a table provided for children to make their own mask by using facial designed stamps. This enhance users interaction and allowing the children to learn as well as having fun at the same time.

Television screen showing images of Central Africa.

Self portrait made by me.

  • Singapore River Gallery

In this exhibition, short information are found everywhere beside the exhibit itself. The exhibits are placed with a background to show how are they like in the past. For example, the boat below is commonly found in Singapore in the past. The background of the boat is a large photograph of the Singapore River in the past. The visitor could touch and analyse the boat closely and also being able to see it being used in reality in the background.


2) Briefly describe at least 2 New Media Tools/Technologies the museum had used for public communication & education at the various exhibits?

Virtual Guides

Throughout the entire museum, virtual guides can be found. They are touch screen guides that shows a person explaining to you about the particular exhibition. The visitor would feel that someone is somehow there to explain to them in person throughout the museum.

Interactive Tables

In the Congo River: Arts of Central Africa exhibition, there is a large table that is interactive. By using the large blocks and placing them onto the speech bubbles that asks the user to place a block there, the table displays a moving image to explain more about the exhibition. This is a very advanced technology used and it shows how new media technologies has actually aided us, even in the museum.


3) To make 1-2 recommendations (using new media tools) to improve the way the current content is being presented to the public. (can include ACM’s website too).

For the overall museum experience, I feel that the museum should provides arrows on the floor for the visitors to follow. This is because the museum is quite big and has quite a lot of exhibitions, it will  result in some of the visitors to miss out on some of the exhibitions due to the complicating navigations. Furthermore, in the Congo River exhibition, although the dim room creates a sense of mystery, the information are difficult to be seen. A lighted background of the information may be installed and whenever the viewer comes close to the information board, it lights up automatically for the visitor to read it.