New Media Terms (Week 2)

Hello! Currently in the lab doing the task for Week 2! We are required to research and create a coloured visual depiction. A visual depiction is  a visual representation, an example would be a tag cloud. We are to write down a list of keywords about New Media terms and create a tag cloud of it at DONE! ^^


Mobile Phones, Communication, Digital Computer, Television, Interaction, Entertainment, Satellite, Emails, Magazine, Thumb-drive, Camera, Online News, Internet, Telecommunication, Network Communication, Blogosphere, Microcasting, Vlog, Widget, Podcast, RSS, Feed, Buzz Marketing, Blogroll, Blog, Back Channel, Convergence, Social Networking, NewsGlobe , Mashup, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, iTunes, Social Sharing, Bitmap, Broadcast, Ethernet, FTP, iMac, IP, Java, JPEG, Macromedia, Multicast, MSN, Outsourcing, Avatar, Proxy Server, Email Signature, Smiley, Streaming Media, Spoofing, URL, Virus.

Tag Cloud for New Media